The SOCIALIST Infestation of AMERICA

The roots of this scourge go back...

WAY back...

WAAAAAAY back...

...all the way to America's founding SOCIALIST 

In an act of BETRAYAL against the FREE market, Ben Franklin established the UNION Fire Company in Philadelphia, in 1736

Just look at this Wikipedia page!!! It  reads like the God Damn COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!!!

Unlike other fire companies of the time, Franklin's volunteer COMMUNE protected all members of the community, at NO COST. Not just the rightful, deserving, dues PAYING members.

This INSULT to the American way of life  would go on to serve as the model for our system of fire departments to this day.


Even the LIBRARIES at the time were subscription services!!!

Without the guidance of CAPITALISM, America has FAILED to find lasting solutions to the problem of fires.

Hundreds of thousands of house fires still PLAGUE our county every year!

While PROFIT driven innovation has ADVANCED the fields of healthcare, technology, and finance in our country...

...SOCIALIST firefighters still don't have any better ideas than showing up AFTER a fire has started and throw WATER on it!!! It's RIDICULOUS!!!

So HOW do we FIX this???


1. End the TYRANNICAL taxes funding local fire departments!!!

That's more MONEY in YOUR pocket!!!

2. Institute PRIVATE fire insurance!!!  

Who pays for fire fighting services? The people who WANT it and USE it!!!

3. Let fire departments charge a FAIR price for their SERVICE!!!

Firefighters currently get PAID whether they save your house or NOT!!! How about some MERIT based pay like the rest of us???


"So will firefighters ignore the house fires of the uninsured?"

Of course not. The fire department will still serve EVERYONE! But NOW they'll be INCENTIVIZED  with monetary rewards based on the value of the service they PROVIDE!!!

"What if someone doesn't have fire insurance and refuses to pay after firefighters save their house?"

The fire department will be EMPOWERED to collect debts OWED to them, like any other CAPITALIST enterprise!

The uninsured can DIRECTLY pay for the services they use OR  they will have their wages garnished and property repossessed to cover the debt!!! Everyone WINS!!!!

"How is private fire insurance better than taxes?"

First, if you don't WANT it, you don't have to PAY for it!!!

Second, employers will COMMODITIZE fire insurance as a BENEFIT!!! 

Don't want the fire department to financially cripple you??? GET A JOB!!! It's that simple. 

America WINS when our institutions STOP taking from the taxpayer and START generating wealth!!!


Some people think that "SAYING NO to SMOKE DETECTORS" means not RESPECTING firefighters !!! 

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH!!!

We want to RESCUE firefighters from SOCIALISM by FREEING them to PARTICIPATING in our ECONOMY!!!

It's time to take ACTION!!!

Call your SENATOR!!!

Call your CONGRESSMAN !!!

Call your local fire department (911)!!!

Tell them AMERICA is DONE with SOCIALISM!!! 

Participate in CAPITALISM!!!

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